Donghae Aerial Platforms & Cranes

Lezan is the sole distributor of Donghae Aerial Platforms/Skylifts & Cranes in Malaysia.
Donghae is the leading Aerial Platform/Skylifts & crane in South Korea.

Donghae Aerial Platform
Available from 8.5m to 28m working height
All models suitable to be mounted onto Light Commercial Vehicles (G.V.W. 5000 to 8300 kg)
High Tensile Steel, Hexagonal Shape Telescopic Boom
Bucket available in fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) or steel cage
Bucket : 200 kg Capacity, Auto horizontality by Hydraulic Cylinder
Optional emergency hydraulic unit for engine failure
Safety Devices :
Relief Valve
Counter Balance Valve
Proportional Control Valve
Platform Safe Angle Control Valve
Pilot Check Valve
Vehicle Overturning Preventer
Column Swing Fixing Device
Overload Check Sensor

Major applications: Government sector, communication work, electric work, advertising industry.
Maintenance of signboard & facilities on board roads & highways
Installation & maintenance of external advertisement materials
Construction & maintenance of street lamps & signal lamps
Cleaning and painting of exterior walls of buildings
Maintenance of road structures
Night illumination & high-lift picture taking
Other Aerial Platform works

Donghae Insulated Aerial Platform
High mobility : Mounted on 3.5 ton payload short body truck and rested bucket facing rear side results in high mobility
High insulation: Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Bucket and Boom with polyethylene interior and resin cover for secure insulation
Wide bucket movement : As bucket itself can be individually rotated and elevated up and down and arm boom, which is installed at the end of the boom can be moved horizontally, it is easy to get close the working object and bucket movement range is widen
Suitable for electrical works by government or private sectors

Donghae Auger Crane
Designed for multi-purposed usage such as lifting materials, aerial work and setting up the communication pole
Operation Method: Wire or wireless transmitter/Manual control lever
Auger Drill :
Blade: Carbide Tip
Drill Diameter: 300mm
Excavation Depth: 1.5m
Excavation Range: 2~7m
Revolution: 20~40 (rev/min)
Torque: Over 300kgm
Other options: FRP bucket attachment and winch for lifting

Donghae Grab Crane
Available from 5ton/m to 15.2ton/m
Rotation angle 400 degrees
Hexagonal Boom
Operator chair top control
Grab capacity 0.25 to 0.4 cu meter

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